North East Link Takeback Scheme

We have successfully completed a circular pilot with NELP (North East Link Program) including recycling and up-cycling with repaired garments donated to OCC Enterprises and Ability Works.

North East Link led a PPE recycling program so that over 160 items of clothing could be reused.

Items were collected from across North East Link sites, including early works program which supplied two boxes of PPE that was no longer needed.

The clothing was prepared for donation by Assembled Threads.

The PPE clothing has been donated to Ability Works Australia Ltd – another social enterprise that offers a range of employment opportunities for people with a disability. The PPE is being worn by Ability Works employees in the workshop, having been saved from going to landfill.

This PPE recycling program saved over 160 items of clothing. The items were rebranded and relabelled diverting 128kg of textiles from landfill and reducing 448 KcCo2 of emissions.

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