Our Team

A Culturally Diverse Community Hub

Many of our team are starting over – rebuilding their lives in a new country, with a new language, seeking financial independence.

Our recruitment focus is people from culturally and linguistically diverse community backgrounds, who struggle to find employment due to limited language skills, workplace experience or education qualifications.

We have 7 different religions represented including Orthodox Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic, Sunni and Sharia Muslim from 10 difference countries: Tibet, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Vietnam, Chile, Ethiopia, Eritrea.

Although she had spent years working in the rag trade before she came to Australia, it was difficult for Norbu to enter the industry due to the difference in language. Through a collaboration with Farnham St Neighbourhood House we were able to find a volunteer, who attended the hub giving Norbu one hour a week during work hours to spend practising her English skills. Since joining our hub, Norbu has come a long way in her English comprehension and speaking, as well as improving her technical sewing skills and completing a Cert III with Holmesglen.
Hayat worked for years in the early childcare sector, but when she was called on by her family to look after their health needs, it meant she could no longer work the hours that were required of her. Joining Assembled Threads, Hayat completed the Cert III in Clothing and Textile Production and we can offer Hayat flexible working hours to fit around her responsibilities in caring for her family. Hayat has thrived in the hub and brings warmth, good humour, and care for her fellow workmates.
Saudi Arabia
Suzi has always had a keen interest in sewing and was on the lookout for community programs teaching people how to sew. She was very happy when she came across the training program offered by Assembled Threads. Suzi is now a very confident sewer, completing the Cert III in Clothing and Textile Production with Holmesglen. She enjoys her days working at our hub in North Melbourne, with the benefit it’s not too far if she wants to walk from home!

Recruiting our Workforce

We partner with businesses like the Brotherhood of St Laurence to reach the communities most in need

We are grateful to our partners and very proud of the company we keep.

The benefits of Assembled Threads and the sewing program are immense. When you’re talking about somebody who has a job for the first time in their new community, it gives them a sense of inclusion to that community, it gives them a sense of bonding, a sense of self confidence, it gives them a sense of place, and when you’re new to a country, that’s incredibly important.

Peter Flugge, Employment Engagement Manager, Brotherhood of St Laurence