Assembled Threads and Icon: 2023 National Social Procurement Trailblazers

Assembled Threads and Icon have received the prestigious title of ‘Social procurement trailblazer – national’ partnership winners, a recognition of their exceptional commitment to social and environmental impact.

A journey into the circular economy

This remarkable journey began in 2022 when Icon, a prominent Australian property group, joined forces with Assembled Threads, a company specialising in the manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and High-Visibility vests, to embark on a circular economy partnership. Their commitment to sustainability was strengthened by their partnership with Recycling Victoria, showing an unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility from the beginning.

Icon is committed to working closely with partners, understanding the importance of giving back to the community, and recognising the pivotal role the circular economy plays in providing long-term employment opportunities, strengthening social connections, and diverting waste from the economy.

Nicole Donnison, Social Procurement and Inclusion Manager, Icon.

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We believe sustainability starts with us. It starts with you, too: please spread the word and support our business, because together through small steps we can make great change in our community.

Assembled Threads hosted a few State Government Ministers including the Acting Premier James Merlino and Minister for Employment Jaala Pulford MP.

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