Towards Circular Scrubs Apparel

Assembled Threads is delighted to have received a Circular Economies Communities Fund grant from the Victorian Government through Sustainability Victoria for the Towards Circular Scrubs Apparel project. This has enabled us to bring together industry partners to continue to build skills and employment opportunities and most importantly, to research the most appropriate and viable options to recycle scrubs.

The objective of the Circular Economy Communities Fund is to assist Victorian communities to transition to a circular economy by providing grant funding to solicit a creative solution for issues and gaps in the current waste management system.

Assembled Threads is interested in understanding the barriers to recycling, explore what is needed to encourage end consumers to recycle, and provide insights into possible next life solutions for scrubs apparel.

This project aims to repurpose 160 kg of textile or plastic waste from going into landfill and to directly benefit 8 FTE and 500 people involved in the project.

Our trial partners include;

  • Holmesglen Institute, HSYCS, Nursing Department
  • La Trobe University Shepparton Campus
  • The Royal Women’s Hospital
  • Western Health Emergency Departments

I was offered the opportunity to take part in the Assembled Threads scrub trial through the RWH. I was excited not only to be given the scrubs to trial but also because of the company’s philosophy and care for the environment when the scrubs are no longer fit for purpose. My scrubs arrived and fitted almost perfectly, look good and are easy to wash and iron. I love wearing them and am looking forward to more innovation from this company in their evolution of the material choices, style development and marketing.

Participant, The Royal Women's Hospital

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